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I still haven’t chosen a favorite dungeon out of the new Ice Crown Citadel 5-mans, but Halls of Reflection certainly is interesting. So far I’ve found all of the instances to be quite a challenge as well as a good opportunity to snag some new loot. Out of the three times that I’ve actually been inside HoR, two of them were under some odd circumstances.

The first time I entered the instance it was during a glitch where no mobs spawned at all. Even though I certainly wouldn’t count this as an attempt, I was still able to walk around and get a feel for the last section. Once we realized the glitch, our group decided to see if the gunship was there to get some free loot but we were thoroughly disappointed. Of course we were stuck with the 15 minute debuff, but that’s about it for that story.

I later joined up for a random dungeon and found a group who downed everything up until the gauntlet section at the end. They had told me that they wiped about 10 times so far which didn’t bode well for me, but I figured that I would give it a shot just to see how hard it was. Not surprisingly, I found it to be pretty damn hard. This being my first time there, I later assumed that the entire instance was only the last gauntlet section.

We started the event and I pretty much knew what to do. Once the ice walls came down it was fairly obvious that all we needed to do was not die until it came down. It also wasn’t long before I had to go into what I’m now affectionately referring to as “The Zone.” Although I’ve found that I can really force myself to get in “The Zone,” it’s a pretty cool feeling when it does happen. It’s a feeling akin to being on autopilot, where every decision you make is pure instinct based on past experience. Perhaps it’s like the tale of the mother who found the strength to lift a car off of her child. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing, but it was the right thing.

I healed like this for wave after wave of scourge until I finally died at what was literally the very last moment. This being my first time in HoR, I didn’t know if it was finished and considered it a wipe until I was able to roll on loot. It was quite exhilarating and I was able to get some good epics out of the deal too.

That group and I continued to run about four more heroics until the tank started acting odd and doing dumb wipe-causing pulls and high-jumps from bridges. It was then that I thanked them and excused myself from the group and queued up again, only to instantly find myself back with the same group. We all had a pretty good laugh about it and I decided that it must have been fate so we finished the instance.

Finally I was able to get a full clear of Halls of Reflection and it was a lot of fun. I even got some compliments on my healing which is always a nice feeling. There were a few close calls on account of the fact that I started playing not long after I woke up, but overall it was pretty good. However, I did find it a bit weird that almost the whole group had to spend most of the first section staring at a wall. Kinda strange considering that there was so much cool stuff to look at.

As for the final gauntlet, this group had it together and there really weren’t any close calls in the least. It was so smooth in fact that it made me wonder as to whether or the first had any business being there at all.

Stay tuned for more posts. There’s tons to talk about after 3.3 dropped! Thanks for reading.



Take A Knee (2)

For the past two weeks, I haven’t been able to play a whole lot of WoW. Sure, I might get a couple hours in here and there, but I haven’t had much time to do any serious leveling. Work has been busy lately and when the weekend hits I try to get out a bit, so I’m really only playing an hour or so each day if that. However, with some large rest bonuses building up I was able to really make use of what little time I had to play which was nice.

Because I made the 50-58 climb whenever I found a couple free hours, I can’t really recall too many highlights aside from the occasional instance. I spent a pretty good amount of time in Un Goro Crater, then headed up to Felwood, and knocked out a couple quests in Winterspring before hitting 58. One tactic I found myself doing was turning in quite a few “travel here and talk to this guy” style quests, just to get some xp while doing other things around the apartment. Usually I would set course for a zone, make some food and email people, and then come back to WoW for the turn in. It worked out pretty good.

The whole time I’ve also been trying to keep my professions up to snuff which is a bit pricey. My first aid is really high and is actually very handy even as a healing class. After a fight I can just bandage up instead of healing and then going back into shadow form. I’ve also been trying to keep my Alchemy and Herbalism skills up which has been relatively easy. I did have to farm for herbs around Blasted Lands for a little while to get my skill up to the proper level for Outland. Speaking of Outland, I rushed there immediately after hitting 58.

Outland (2)

Despite being a healer amongst a ton of DKs in Hellfire Peninsula, I still haven’t managed to find any groups going for Ramps or Blood Furnace which kinda sucks. I’m really anxious to try my hand at healing some BC content so hopefully I can get in there soon. One thing I noticed was how good the quest reward gear was in Outland compared to my boss loot from vanilla WoW. Considering this, it’s a shame there isn’t more of an incentive to hit up the classic dungeons. I’ve never seen the majority of that content and I suppose I don’t expect to anytime soon.

I managed to get a group going for Stratholme which was a lot of fun since it was the first time I seen it outside of “Culling Of Stratholme” instance. We managed to get hung up on one of the bosses which was actually kind of fun. I can’t recall which boss it was and there doesn’t seem to be much information on her online but mid-fight she turns one of your team members against you. That itself wasn’t very hard to take care of, but I think everyone was pretty shocked that we encountered anything other than a simple tank and spank.

Well there is the update. I will try to make another post as soon as possible as soon as I do some cool stuff in game.


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