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Get it? Five men...

Get it? Five men… OK…. Moving on…

So in an earlier post I wrote about having trouble finding groups for the Hellfire Peninsula instances, but not long after writing that article, I was able to make quite a few runs through all of the dungeons in Hellfire and get some great healing practice through PUGs. I still, however, haven’t found a worthwhile guild yet to run 5-mans with, but hope to soon.

For the most part, the Hellfire Ramparts and Blood Furnace healing went pretty smoothly. They both kind of blend together in my mind, but they’re a quick and easy introduction to healing the Burning Crusade content. Ramparts went extreemely smoothly in almost every run I did which really surprised me. In fact the only close calls I really had was on Nazan, but this was most likely due to people standing in the badsauce and a slightly undergeared tank.

I’m still figuring out when and how to use the multitude of spells at my disposal and there’s nothing like a couple “Oh shit!” moments to speed up the process. Although this spell won’t really make or break an instance run in most cases, it’s also really nice to have Gift Of The Naaru as the Draenai racial. If the tank is taking a ton of damage and I have to also tend to the rest of the group at the same time, it’s a really nice HOT to throw on the tank to buy me a few more crucial seconds.


At level 69 I ran a couple battlegrounds to get used to the key bindings of the VuhDo addon. Whenever I’m in 5-man instances I prefer to heal by using the F1-F5 targeting system so learning a new UI is really frustrating for me. For me, I just really like the feeling of seeing the picture of who I’m about to heal and then clicking the icon of the spell that I want to heal them with. Of course, I realize how neccesary these kind of addons are when healing any more than five people, but I don’t think I’ll ever use it in a 5-man instance.

Unfortunately I was only able to get into about 2 or 3 battlegrounds which sucked, but it was still a good time. I’m still doing a couple here and there at level 70, but the disparity in levels pretty much turns me into a walking target. However, even at my low level and arriving half-way through a fight, I’ve been able to almost top the healing charts. But, I’m really looking forward to the 3.2 patch changes where you can get exp through the battlegrounds. I intend to level to 80 by doing as much PVP as I can stand.


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