My other blogs are called Fine Filter and Yokohama Brad.

The concept behind Thoughts Of Warcraft is pretty self-explanatory. It’s basically me writing about things from all areas of World Of Warcraft that I think are worth sharing.

About Me:

My name is Brad. I used to be a freelance writer for several papers in Nashville, Tennessee and had a regular column in Lexington, Kentucky’s The W Weekly called “Podcast Of The Week.” Some of the articles from that paper that are still relevant are available on the blog. I’ve been involved in a number of musical projects, The National Pool and Apeface and Crumplezone being the most recent. In 2007 I also started a podcast called Modern Music Business which is currently on hiatus indefinitely.

I now live in Japan and also have a blog about it called Yokohama Brad. I also really dig World Of Warcraft and my main character is a fire mage named Chipdipson on the Echo Isles server. My favorite musical artists are John Frusciante and Kool Keith. I also listen to a variety of podcasts on a regular basis.


How often are new posts made?
As frequently as I can post them. I am however about 13 hours ahead of United States Eastern Standard Time so most new posts will be made at 6am EST.

Any other questions?
Just email them to thenationalpool@gmail.comand I should be able to get back to you.