While almost all of my time in-game as of late has been spent tanking low level instances via the LFD tool, I noticed that I’ve picked up a few interesting habits recently that I never used to have. I find this interesting because for the most part I’ve always kind of chugged along and never thought too deeply about how I can improve my playing. Although I still won’t even stick my toes into the murky waters of theory crafting, I am doing a lot more to get a little more performance out of my gear.

Auction House Tanking Gear:

The first new habit I’ve picked up is to check the AH for gear upgrades for my tank after every ding. At this point gold isn’t really a problem and I figure if I can eek out just a little more armor here and there it’ll probably help out the group. While this may seem like a halfway normal practice for someone to do, it should be noted that in the past I never really cared too much for good gear while I leveled because, hey, I’m going to outgrow it as soon as possible if all goes well. As a tank now, it seems that I’m not just playing for myself now. I now have four other people to think about, especially the healer.

Dungeon Reruns:

The other habit that I think I’m going to stick to is running the easier and quicker instances until I almost out-level them, and there are two reasons for this. The first is that since I’m a relatively new tank, if I can power through the mobs a little bit faster it might be a little easier on the healers should things get a little crazy. The other reason is speed. Lately I’ve been running Stockades repeatedly and can now steamroll through the place in about twenty minutes or so. There are often times where I only have an hour or so to play before work, so the quicker instances are much better suited. On the downside, I don’t really need anything that drops from those places when I’m a good five levels or so above every mob there.

Although I am using the dungeon finder, I decided not to use the random dungeon tool too often. The main reason for this is that, as previously written, I can continue to run the same instance over and over without getting thrown into one that is too low or too high for my level. It also works out pretty good in regards to time limitations. Not only are some places longer than others, (Deadmines and Gnomergan) but it also seems that the longer instances are plagued with people constantly dropping group which holds up the group as we have to escort the newcomers to where we’re at. Without using the random dungeons feature I’m able to knock out a quick instance in about 20 minutes and then take of other things if I need to.

Gems and Enchants:

Gemming and enchanting my gear is something that I’ve become obsessed with lately on my two level 80s, the holy priest and fire mage. I find this to be interesting because when I played the mage during TBC I never understood or gave two thoughts about how to further improve my gear. I think this was partly because I didn’t have much gold to pay for them and also because I didn’t follow the many WoW related websites and blogs that I read today.

Now however, I find myself instantly heading for the auction house as soon as I pick up a new piece of gear worth keeping and spending hundreds and hundreds of gold to buy the top notch gems and enchants. I even spent about 45 emblems to instantly reach exalted with Sons Of Hodir just for the shoulder enchants and don’t regret any of it.

To supplement the effect of getting some new gear every level on my tank, I’m also enchanting my gear when possible which helps a bit. I’ve been a little too lazy to do it just yet, but I’ve also been meaning to send some leather armor kits to the tank as well.

As always, thanks for reading Thoughts of Warcraft. Stay tuned for next post.