Happy B-Day Dawg!

In Japan, Wednesday December 23 was a national holiday to celebrate the emperor’s birthday and as such I decided to use the free time to rest up and play some WoW while trying to get over a cold. For quite awhile now it seems, one of my favorite things to do is to run 5-mans, catch up on my favorite podcasts, and knock back a couple brews. In case you’re curious, some of my favorite podcasts of late are Uhh Yeah Dude, The Best Show On WFMU, and Stop Podcasting Yourself. The first two have kept me entertained for years and all three are highly recommended.

And now, on to WoW related matters:

Because of the constant need for healers, I was able to very quickly gear up my holy priest which is great. Sure, this cost hundreds of badges to do, but it was a lot of fun and honestly not too difficult to do overall. However, I now find myself all geared up with no real incentive to run more heroics. I suppose I get a little bit of reputation from one of the lesser known factions, but aside from an achievement for reaching exalted it’s not that big of a deal. I still really enjoy healing, but there’s just not much of a reason to do so anymore.

So with my priest all geared up I decided to get some emblems for my mage. As I mentioned before, he’s currently in mostly ilvl 200 stuff with a couple pieces from Naxx. Although I know what I’m doing when it comes to the instances, more often than not the LFG system grouped me up with people who didn’t, presumably because of my gear score. This involved many wipes, disconnects, and lost time. It really threw me for a loop considering that as a healer almost every run is amazingly quick and easy. I can only assume this is a result of gear score.

I trudged through it however because there wasn’t much else to do. I couldn’t go around it, had to go through it. Eventually I had enough badges to get the T9 gloves and pants, as well as the ilvl 245 DPS wand which is pretty cool. After picking up the new pieces, I instantly headed over to the auction house and spent a ton of gold on epic gems and enchants. One thing I noticed was that after I got this new gear, the other people I was randomly grouped up with seemed to be much better than before. No more wipes and runs were quick and easy again. Go figure.

Something I wasn’t used to however was the wait to queue up which sometimes took up to 15 minutes. While this might not be too bad compared to the pre-3.3 world, it felt like an eternity compared to my 2 second wait as a healer. So in the search for a way to kill time I decided to grind reputation to get the Frostsaber mount from the people near Everlook. From what I’ve heard this is one of the longest rep grinds in the game and I have to agree so far. Another added barrier is that the mobs you have to kill are pretty spread out and far away from the turn-in spot which further adds to the difficulty. But, it helped the wait go by and maybe eventually I can add the Frostsaber to my collection.

Now as for the previously mentioned wipes, I can’t really blame people too much as these things are bound to happen from time to time. We’ve all had to learn the game and sometimes it takes a wipe or two to do that. However, while on my mage I had a bad experience of a different kind while doing heroic Utgarde Keep. The group I was put into was made up of four people from a guild called Swift Retribution from the Cenarion Circle server. After many sub-par groups, I figured running with a guild would surely be a good thing since they know each other’s play style. We had one wipe right off the bat which wasn’t a big deal and then proceeded to tear through the instance at a decent pace.

We downed the first boss and things were going smoothly until I was unceremoniously kicked from the group in mid-fight of a trash pull before the second boss. There was no communication in party chat the entire instance, presumably because they were all using vent. There was also no explanation as to why I was kicked, and no good reason I could come up with myself. Before I knew it I was right back in the snowy hills of Everlook where I began completely stunned at what just took place.

Of course I understand the need to kick someone if they are under performing, but I was doing everything a good DPS should and there was no good reason for the kick. The main issue I have here is that it’s disrespectful of other people’s time. It took me at least 15 minutes to get into a group and I expected to complete the instance, get some badges, and be on my way. At the very least, some sort of explanation would have been nice. Had there been any explanation really I would have probably understood. It seems to me that from this experience, as a guild, Swift Retribution is really reinforcing the idea of PUGs as being an overall negative experience.

Sure, it’s only a game, but there are also people playing the game and I believe you owe them a little bit of decency just as you would in any other circumstance in the real world. Perhaps they did have a justifiable reason to kick me, but without communication it can leave a really bad taste in someone’s mouth, not to mention sully the reputation of your character, guild, etc.

That’s about it for now. I hope this post doesn’t come across as complaining or overly negative, I just wanted to chronicle what’s been happening as I play the game. Until next time, take care and happy new year!

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