This past Sunday morning (6 p.m. server time) I joined up once again with the people from the Raiding 101 group and we headed in to Naxx 10 man. Even though it was only Naxx, I did my best throughout the week to gear up as much as I could via the new LFG system to get just a little more healing coming through. I also made a point to be sure that all my gear was gemmed and enchanted out. So far I’m really enjoying the vibe of the group. Although many of the people are different from week to week, I think it’s a pretty nice and valuable thing that the raid leaders are doing.

The group had already taken down a couple of the bosses earlier in the week, so we were able to get a little deeper into Naxx than last week. We began on Maexxnna and I think we had one wipe, but we were off to the Plague Quarter soon enough. Noth went down far easier than the week before. It was actually pretty shocking considering how hard it was to heal him before. Of course after that we headed off to Heigan the Unclean and the infamous “dance” of his. Everyone knew this is where the trouble would start, but then again it was called Raid 101 for a reason.

Up to this point I had only done Heigan as a DPS once and needless to say I died pretty early on. After about 3 wipes we were about to call the raid as it was nearing towards our three hour time limit for the raid. But, we decided to try one more time and that’s when I finally got the hang of the dance. My strategy, although a little flawed, was to just run straight through without stopping. This got me clipped a couple times, but with a preemptive shield and some HOTs I was able to make it through, although it was pretty close.

Luckily, as a holy priest I have a ton of instant cast spells which really saved the day. While running I was able to get off some Prayers of Mending and a few Circles of Healing. Not too bad. I think it took about three dances or so before downing him, but it was quite the thrill with people screaming into vent again. It was definitely a good feeling. My main thought while running was pretty much just “I’m doing it! I’m doing it!”

With spirits high, we decided to give Loatheb a try. Despite being past our three hour limit, everyone was still game for it. The main thing he does, from a healer’s perspective, is to only allow healing for three seconds at a time, every 20 seconds. I had the Deadly Boss Mobs add-on installed, but it was really confusing. One alert would pop up on the screen and then stay there, while another alert would pop up somewhere else. I pretty much had no idea when the window was so I just kept casting normally and hoped for the best. This strategy almost made me run out of mana, but we had a druid who stepped up to heal as well so we were ok.

I gave it my all and got an invite to join the group’s progressive raiding team which is pretty cool. Again, because of the crazy time difference I won’t be able to make it to too many raids, but it’s a pretty cool feeling to get recognized. It kinda make me feel like a “real” healer, although I still haven’t gotten used to that title 100%. So I’m gonna try and make the schedules match up as best I can and see what happens.