Well, it’s been a little over a month or so since the last update so I figured it was about time. I’ve probably had the time to write new posts, but my interest in writing seems to ebb and flow every couple months and I really wasn’t interested in writing anything during the past couple weeks. But, now I am.

Although I’ve recently started an army of alts in the past few months, 9 of the allotted 10 per server, I found that leveling my hunter was not only the most fun but also quite relatively easy. As far as pets go, I’ve stuck with tanking pets almost the whole time. I kept the first bear that I tamed for quite sometime until I got bored and wanted to branch out a bit. From there, I tried a number of cats from Stranglethorn Vale but I very quickly came to hate the way that they always stayed in stealth mode. It didn’t seem to make any tactical sense at all to me. Obviously, I’m not stealthed so if I pull aggro it will only slow down the reaction time of my pet even further if he’s stealthed. So, I went right back to tanking pets and found a gorilla that has been working out pretty good.

From a rotation standpoint, it seems weird that I find myself using the same three attacks time and time again when there are so many others to choose from. I suppose that’s the only downside of playing a dps class. You find what works and stick with it…for 80 levels. In an unrelated area, I still find it odd however that both the bear and gorilla can’t tank multiple mobs. Maybe there are some talent points that I need to add later as the leveling process continues, but it would seem to me that that would be their main job right from the get go.

Despite now being what I would consider a seasoned WoW player, I found myself in yet another frustrating noob moment as I was leveling Leatherworking. While browsing around online recently I learned that at level 40 I think, Hunters can use mail armor, which pretty much makes Leatherworking useless. As a result of my frustration, I’ve since stopped playing him for a little while. I plan on coming back later on and will probably even get him up to 80 within the next 6 months or so, but for now I’ve had enough. He’s currently at level 38.

It may be a bit odd that I went from spending all of my time leveling him to dropping him like a bad habit, but whatever. It’s a game and I’m doing whatever is the most fun for me at the time. Perhaps with 3.3 here now I might bring him back out again and have some fun.