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002669 Two Colour Figure 70 Birthday Cake

Well it’s been quite sometime since my last post about getting to level 60 and a ton of stuff has happened, both in and out of game. I’ll most likely try to stretch out the stories throughout a couple blog posts. Overall, it’s been a lot of fun learning how to heal and Truckspank is quickly becoming my new main.

Even though I’m not really a fan of repeating the same old quests in Outland, the leveling process wasn’t so bad. I completed most of the Hellfire Peninsula quests and then made my way into Zangramarsh. That, combined with healing instances whenever I got the chance, got me to 68 pretty quickly. It actually went by incredibly quickly with my heirloom shoulders and some rest bonus.

I’m also holding out on getting the epic land and regular flying mounts until patch 3.2 hits. The gold difference is just far too much to not wait for it to hit. It kind of sucks now having to take forever to get around, but once I hit 80 I can just lay back and get summons from 5-mans and run BGs endlessly and that’ll be just fine with me.

Looking back on my 1-60 experience, one thing that was really surprising to me was the severe lack of people who were running instances at my level and in need of heals. Perhaps it’s because of my time difference, but I tended to join up with a group whenever I could and I would’ve really liked to see more content. I don’t however intend on turning off my exp gains to do so. Maybe on another alt, another time.

I’ve also been able to keep up with my professions fairly good as well, Herbalism and Alchemy. It’s really surprising to me because I usually don’t worry about what level my professions are but alchemy is fun and having the extra time bonus of 2 hours instead of one is pretty nice as well. My cooking level however is really lagging behind. My main strategy at the moment is to check the AH for cheap ingredients to go up a few levels whenever I can. I’m also considering just mailing back food from my main as needed.

I can’t seem to remember any other significant events to add right now as I’m a little tired, but keep coming back. There is a lot more to come.


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