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Since I’ve been doing a ton of solo leveling lately on my new favorite priest, Truckspank, I almost completely forgot about one of my most hated aspects of World Of Warcraft…other players. As any regular readers of Thoughts Of Warcraft will know, this puts me in something of a tough spot because my favorite aspect of the game is the 5-man content, which of course means that I have to find four other people to go kill the big Internet dragon with.

Even though it’s usually not a constant nightmare, the bad times always seem to stick out more in my mind than some of the friendly people I’ve met and smooth instance runs I’ve done. In actuality, I’ve met a ton of really cool people through WoW, but what the hell, the anger probably makes for a better blog post.

While I was at about level 66 or so I was in Hellfire Peninsula questing so I could head out to Northrend asap and I got an invite for some instance and accepted. It was me (heals) and two other dps’ers so I said “Hey, what’s up” and waited to get a full group going. So far, so good.


Now before I go further, I need to pause and say that this was the day that Michael Jackson died. Considering that I live in Japan now, I thought I had dodged a media-frenzy bullet, but was horribly mistaken. How did I find out?

Well I knew it was the day he died because I woke up to an IM from a friend in America telling me that he died, everyone on Twitter was talking about it, all of my friends on Facebook were talking about it, everyone on Digg was talking about it, people I work with were talking about it, and my students were talking about it. At this point I had just about enough and was trying to maintain my sanity, so on my walk home after work I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing couple hours of WoW before bed.

While waiting, the two dps were in party chat talking. What do you think they were talking about? Yup. The death of Michael Jackson. Had they both made it a quick conversation and agreed with my point of view that he was a creep all would’ve been well. But they asked my opinion and I responded with “That guy is a creep.” Nothing too bad there, and I most certainly didn’t get into details why I had that opinion in case one of the party members had virgin ears.


I was tired and angry that there was no escape that day from the whirlwind of people and their talking. Despite this, I didn’t go on AN ALL CAPS RANT IN PARTY CHAT. Just a simple sentence. “That guy is a creep.”

The group leader then threatened to kick me from the party, something that I believe to be far worse than actually kicking someone from party. Hey kid, don’t do me any damn favors. I don’t really need to run X instance to get the Super Epic Staff with you all that bad. Trust me, my life will go on. I’ll stay strong.

So, I said “Don’t worry. I’ll remove myself. Good day.” and that was that.

Bad joke in 5…4…3: I just wanted to heal the world of warcraft and make it a better place.


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