I hope I’m not painting myself into a corner by using another LOL-animal picture, but this one just fit too good for this article and I had to use it. Let’s move forward…

A few weeks ago I began to notice boredom creep in while playing my main character, Chipdipson. It’s part of the reason that I’ve been grinding rep and doing so much PVP lately. I did pretty much the same thing during the Burning Crusade content, only I was a bit more clueless about how to play the game in general back then so I didn’t fully realize I was bored.

I’ve been at level 80 for quite a long time now and for the most part it was fun. I was exploring the various 5-man instances, going back to solo some old content, leveling fishing, etc. It was a good time. But, after getting into mostly purple gear through drops, rep rewards, and PVP gear, I’m just not sure why I should try to deal with running Naxx PUGs just to get some new gear that is slightly better than my current purple gear, only to then run Ulduar to get some gear that is a little better than my hard-earned Naxx gear. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see the rest of Naxx and check out Ulduar, but I don’t really have the schedule or patience needed for raiding right now.


It’s strange because, realistically, there is certainly no lack of content to see and do at level 80. But, in mind there is. I’m just really not interested in going all out on some of the holiday events and I don’t want to do the same daily quests…on a daily basis. There have been days where I rolled through a bunch of older quests in Outland to get some gold up, but it was almost like work. I think another aspect of what’s bothering me here is the lack of a sense of accomplishment within the game at level 80. Sure, you can get achievements, but that little bar only flashes on your screen for a quick second. Then what? Next achievement…

In many respects, it’s an entirely different game at level 80. I suppose that’s why they call it end-game content. As a result, I’m glad that I didn’t completely rush through the leveling process from 70 to 80. I had heard other people talk about taking it slow to see everything so I did as well. I suppose I’m going to spend more time now leveling my priest, Truckspank, up to 80. It’s gonna be a long haul but hopefully it won’t be too bad. It’s currently at level 41. While playing the Horde priest I had, I ran a lot of instances and it was very rewarding to heal a group. I’ve never gotten another character up to 70 or 80 so maybe it will be fun.


For the faction my character is associated with!