The Diplomat

At long last I finished up the reputation grind for Timbermaw Hold, Kurenai, and Sporeggar and earned “The Diplomat” achievement. I’m pretty excited about it since I don’t see too many people with the title and also because it sounds great next to Chipdipson.

I did the last bit of grinding sometime last weekend after a long day of work and it was actually pretty relaxing. There was another person in the area who was about at the same place and was also grinding rep so we grouped up and it was a pretty good time. It’s pretty easy to forget that there are nice people who play this game sometimes. Five minutes of Trade or Battleground chat will surely testify to that, let alone a heroic PUG that’s going poorly.

After getting exalted I went to the AH to buy a bunch of Glowcaps since they were the currency for all of the reputation rewards. I was able to get a bag pattern, a tabard, and new pet which is pretty cool. I’m thinking of what faction to grind rep for next. I’ve got some Shattered Sun Offensive dailies lately so maybe I’ll keep that up.


For the faction my character is associated with!