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Well ok, for the Alliance! But I’ve played both factions and I think there are a lot of cool things on each side.

One achievement that I think was fantastically implemented was the “For The Alliance” and “For The Horde” achievements. In case there are some readers who don’t play WoW, I’ll give a quick run down as to what this is. Both the Horde and Alliance have 4 capital cities, and each city has kind of leader or king in them. For this achievement you gather up a group of about 50 people and go to each capital city of the opposing team and kill their leaders, while also defending yourself from other players who just happened to be in the city at the time. It takes some teamwork and effort but at the right time of night when there aren’t many people in the cities it can be done. If you pull it off you get a special bear mount.

I did most of this achievement on my main, Chipdipson, and it was a great time. The obvious problem initially was organizing a group of 50 people who you don’t know to all to a central location. This alone took up quite a bit of time and it’s why I don’t do it every time I see someone getting a group together.

We hit Undercity first by going through the tunnels which I never knew existed before. This brings another problem into play: the fact that you have to find your way around cities in the game that you may have only been in a handful of times, if at all. Some of our group got lost in the tunnels and I was almost one of them. Once we got there we were making great progress but of course a swarm of other players showed up and it was too messy to kill Thrall. After waiting till they left we dropped Thrall with no problem and headed off to the next bosses, except this is where I noobed out.

While on the second attempt I got killed about halfway through the fight. Since it wasn’t looking very good for us in the DPS department I released and started to run back in to Undercity and this is when the kill took place…which means that this kill didn’t count for anything other than a memory. I’m not sure why the game mechanics work this way but it just doesn’t seem very right to me. I sucked it up and we then hit the rest of the other capital cities with no problem. I don’t really remember how the kills went down though for the other cities since I was so pissed that I wasn’t going to get the mount after all of that effort.


If I have a good amount of time to kill later I plan on giving it another shot. But, a word of advice: don’t release until everybody else is dead.


For the faction my character is associated with!



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