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At the tail end of a long day of playing WoW and relaxing I was just about done for the day. I decided to settle down in the Dalaran sewers and try to get the Sewer Rat achievement for an hour or so and then log off. I saw a notice come up in the chat for new guild that another level 80 was going to run Dire Maul so I figured I’d check it out since I haven’t seen any of the vanilla WoW end-game raids. We were later joined by a 65 Death Knight who was along for the ride.

Luckily the other level 80 was leading the way because I tend to get lost quite easily in real life as well as in game. Of course the mobs were no problem at all to take down and it was actually a little fun to blow up low level stuff and also have a purpose, that of course being the achievement for completing the entire instance. Even though we were plowing through both the bosses and the mobs, it still took a lot of time. All told, it was about 2 hours, which really surprised me. I think it would’ve been a little faster without having to clear out so many mobs for the Death Knight to get by, but whatever.

Perhaps it was because lately I’ve been so used to seeing all of the Wrath content in all of it’s well designed glory, but I really hated the look of Dire Maul. Everything from the look of the mobs to the general color scheme turned me off. I think it’s also strange to see the essentially the same character model used for the Ogres in the original game as well as the two expansions.

At first I thought it would be great to see some of the old world content, but it wasn’t too long before I was going as fast as I could to get out of there. The only thing that was interesting to me was when I noticed the use of the Flayer mobs, the small plant things, and how the atmosphere around them has changed from Dire Maul to The Botanica and ultimately to The Nexus today. The plant section of Nexus has always been a lot of fun for me.


Anyway, I figured it took me two hours to do so it may be worth writing about.


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