Much like fishing, I never really bothered to level cooking until very late in the game. This is of course partially because I didn’t understand the benefits of it, and also because I just vendored most of the stuff I got when I began playing. I got it into cooking after seeing the obvious benefits of having an extra spellpower buff in heroics and then proceeded to power level my way though cooking. Now, unless I’m doing PVP, I always have some sort of buff on depending on what I’m doing.

I also really enjoyed doing the Dalaran cooking quests. The rewards are some great new recipes to use and almost all of the quest items are right in the city which is convienient. If I remember correctly, I think that the gold amount is also pretty good, coming in at about 9-10g. However, after I had bought all of the available recipes I very quickly found myself with no reason to run the quests. I suppose that eventually I will need some more Northrend Spices, but I’ve got over 100 in the bank now and plenty of food already cooked. Although the new chef’s hat is kind of cool, I can’t see myself spending all of that time and badges to get a funny looking hat.

The achievements are also pretty cool and I’m making a small effort to get the “Chef” title. After reading up on it, I think that some of the recipes needed are quite rare but I’d like to give it a shot later on. I’m making decent progress so far. One of the things standing in my way is the sheer amount of other stuff to do in the game right now, but more on that in a later post. I think I need to wrap up The Outland and Northrend Gourmet achievements to get the title but from what I’ve read some of those last few recipes can be tough to find.

The power leveling process was quite expensive but I tend to get impatient when it comes to things like this. I wanted to raise my cooking skill as high as possible in about 30 minutes or so and I ended up buying countless recipes and then the mats needed to make them. I remember there was some damn recipe that was the only green on in my book and had to make it to level. It was something that had to do with lobsters and the only lobsters in the AH were absurdly expensive but I went ahead and bought them anyway. I later realised that most of the recipes that I was buying from the AH at inflated prices were available from regular vendors in the game, but it saved me a lot of time so I don’t really regret any of that.

Let me know what you think about cooking in the comments section. Any tips for getting the “Chef” achievement?


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