Until Wrath of the Lich King I never did very much reputation grinding, barely knew why I should do it at all, and could care less. In fact the only faction I remember grinding was Aldor. I did the Aldor grind through probably 75% actual mob killing and 25% by buying turn-in items from the auction house. Even at it’s height, I never did any of the Shattered Sun Offensive quests either. At one point I really gave up on questing all together until recently.

Slowly but surely I really got into gaining exalted status with any faction I could and it’s surprisingly rewarding even for old factions where there is actually no reward. It’s worked out great for nights after work where I really want to listen to a podcast and play WoW, but am too lazy to quest but yet slightly too motivated to fish.

Here is a quick run down of my experience getting to exalted for each faction:

Alliance Factions: After figuring out that I could just turn in Runecloth for reputation, I pretty much only did that. My main strategy here was to watch the auction for cheap Runecloth and buy it up. Pretty simple. Occasionally I would run some low-level quests but I found it to be more time efficient to just buy the stuff. The different racial mounts are also a big plus. I usually switch between them quite a bit and before swimming mounts the Draenai elks helped a lot to stay moving.

Timbermaw Hold: Before I decided to go to exalted, I was at about mid-honored so it wasn’t too bad, but the reputation gains for turn-ins were pretty minimal so it took awhile. I also don’t like the look of this area so it wasn’t very fun. I really wanted the trinket guy who heals you but got lazy when I had trouble with the quest to get him. As a tailor, there were some patterns that were cool and I’m one step closer to getting “The Diplomat” title.

Stormpike Guard: For those who may not know, this is the faction for Alterac Valley. I really enjoy this BG and I’m pretty close to exalted with this faction. Probably another day or two and I’ll get there. I don’t think there are any real rewards for getting to exalted but it’s still pretty fun. The rep gains for Stormpike Guard made me wonder about the other factions for Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. I think I’ve spent the most time in Arathi Basin and am nowhere close to getting to exalted with them. Maybe some more rep rewards would also be a way to get me to enjoy Warsong Gulch a bit more.

Valiance Expedition: I think this is the Alliance faction based in Northrend. I just got to exalted by running the regular quests and didn’t even realize until just now who they are. I don’t think there are any rewards for exalted status.

Sporeggar: I am currently grinding pretty heavy on this faction. I managed to get kind of far during my Burning Crusade questing but it’s still a hike. I’m kind of enjoying it though since the mobs for the quest are right by the turn in and of course go down nice and easy for a geared fire mage. I’ve got the last 21,000 rep to go but I can probably knock it out in a couple hours. The main reason I’m doing Sporeggar grind is to get the Diplomat title. Think about it: I will soon be “Chipdipson, The Diplomat” Pretty badass I think. I’ll try to post a picture after it happens.

Cenarion Circle: As far as I know these guys are based all over the place, but I did the grind in Silithus by killing a bunch of mobs around the crystals. If you do this grind just know that the non-bind-on-equip green items are needed to summon a mob at the stones. After you kill it you can get more rep. I vendored these greens for awhile before I realized this.

Kurenai: The Kurenai are the faction in Nagrand. I finished out the rep for these guys by killing a ton of Ogres in the mountains in the top left of the map. The area is perfect for grinding since all the mobs respawn by the time you come back from the circle. This counted towards “The Diplomat” achievement and you can also get some pretty cool mounts out of the deal.

Wrath Factions: I’ve been able to reach exalted with about four different Wrath factions without really trying which is nice. Granted, I did run some normal and daily quests for reputation, but I didn’t really go out of my way to do any of them. I can’t recall if the Burning Crusade was ever this way before, but I’m really liking the way that you can champion certain factions by wearing that tabard in heroic instances. It’s far more fun to run heroics for me than it is to run the same daily quests.


For the faction my character is associated with!