Looking back, I think most of my playtime before using add-ons like Quest Helper, Coordinates, and Decursive among others was fairly aimless. I know that I made a very strong effort to complete quests, but it took me ages to complete them before I found Thottbot, and only then slightly less time until I found Quest Helper. Now I’m flying through quests and loving it. I’m sure that there are a lot of purists out there who think differently, but believe me I paid my dues in the quest department and now it’s fun time.

So it seems that the deeper into the game I get, the more important mods become. It then occurred to me recently that altough WoW of course encourages add-ons from the community, it seems as though a large part of the game is impossible without the use of certain add-ons. As much I love all of my mods, somehow this doesn’t seem like a very good idea.

The first add-on that stands out to me as a mage is Decursive. I’m sure most of the readers are familiar with this add-on, but let me explain. Decursive is a fantastic mod that places an artsy-looking color-coded square under your mini-map for each player in your group. Anytime a player in your group is afflicted with a curse or disease that you can cure , the box turns red and you click it. Decursive will automatically and instantly cast whatever spell is needed in the situation and you can get back to what ever it is you were doing. It’s simple and great…if you know how to install it or know it exists in the first place.

Without Decursive, the best bet I found is to individually drag each player from the raid list to the right of my screen, click their name to target them, then find the appropriate spell to cast on them, then get back to the target at hand, all while trying to keep your DPS up as high as possible. Damn…I got tired just typing that. I tried this method for several raid runs through parts of Naxx and Sarth and it is not conducive to smooth gameplay. Not only is half the damn screen filled with every name in your group, but it’s also awkward as hell. All this because I didn’t have and didn’t know about the Decursive mod. Now unless I’m mistaken, aside from aesthetics, the game should be easily playable without the use of any mods, and that is my issue with them.

How could Blizzard make a game where almost every guild worth their salt will require that you add things to the game that Blizzard didn’t?

As you may have gathered from my other posts, I would’ve made a damn good poster boy for noobishness when I began playing WoW. For starters, I didn’t even know that I had talent points unless the mid-20s and believe me there are countless other mistakes I made. Of course I picked up a lot of knowledge along the way, but even during what little Burning Crusade raiding and heroic instances I did, I didn’t know about any mods at all that could’ve come in handy.

I’m geniunely curious as to what other people think about this so please leave some comments below.


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