I logged on the other day to play for a few minutes before leaving for work and ended up doing a quick Obsidian Sanctum 10-man. I was intending on doing Vault of Archavon but forgot the difference and queued up for the wrong place. All in all it was a solid and smooth run. No wipes, no deaths, no problems. There were however a few things that occurred to me during the raid that I don’t really care for in regards to damage meters.

As far as damage meters go, I think that most players who use them have fairly good intentions. They want to make sure that everyone is pulling their weight in the raid which I appreciate. I’m putting in the time to get a chance to roll on better than average loot like everybody else and it would be a shame if someone was AFK the whole time and not doing their job.

There was once instance (no pun intended) in particular that comes to mind which also occurred in Obsidan Sanctum. There was a rogue who was acting very strange the whole time. He barely touched any of the mobs and just kind of jumped around. I think the raid was so chaotic that no one even noticed until we were making our rounds to the last drake. It’s one thing to have to AFK for a minute, but to actually be there but not attack anything is quite confusing. As it turns out he had only done around a few thousand damage the whole time. While we were waiting to replace him in front of Sartharion he decided to stealth and walk right up to Sarth and run in circles. Of course he pulled and we wiped. In this case, the problem could have easily been avoided if people were to check the damage meter every couple mobs, but certainly nobody was expecting this kind of mess.

That notwithstanding, in the most recent run that I did before work the whole raid was complaining about a lack of DPS. Since I’m a DPS class I’m of course concerned but things were going pretty smooth and everyone, according to my damage meter, was doing decent. Nobody was too high above anybody else and in fact I was quite low, slightly less than 2k. At this point though I was saving all of my big cooldowns for the first drake and also decursing everybody in the raid and had to frequently stop in mid-cast to do so. I was the only person to respond with a damage meter when asked and then the complaining really started. Mind you this is only after the second pull of trash mobs. I love to blow stuff up and the game is fun no matter what but at this point I was starting to get nervous after remembering a previous Sarth run I did where the raid leader almost called that anyone under 2k DPS can’t roll on loot…after we downed him.

I’m starting a new paragraph here because I want to drive this next point home: After the first drake someone else posted their damage readout and I was #1 at about 3k+. Far exceeding the rest of the raid. I’m not bragging because I’m not even sure if that’s really good or bad. My point is that from my experience the damage readers are not 100% accurate. I realize that there is a certain amount of damage that must be done or else the whole raid wipes, but it’s also a game and staring at damage meters can make people easily forget that.

These are of course just the thoughts of one casually raiding mage. Feel free to post a comment and let me know what you think.


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