I made my first Death Knight about a week ago and so far it’s been a blast. I made a gnome since I’ve never played one before. He looks ridiculous but I’m having fun with it. I later looked at the base stats for each race on WoWWiki and perhaps there were better choices as far as races go if I wanted to tank at some point, but I’ll take a few less Stamina if it means more fun in the long run. I’m mainly thinking of him as DPS but I would like to try to do some tanking just as an experiment at some point.

I named it Phillyboyroy after a character from The Best Show On WFMU. It’s a fantastic radio show/podcast and you should check it out if you get a chance. I’ve also written an article about the show on my other blog if you’re interested. I listen to podcasts almost all of the time that I play WoW so it’s only fitting that my characters should be named after them. Of course my main is a mage named Chipdipson from the podcast Jordan, Jessee Go and I’m sure I’ll write something about my priest soon as well.

I waited so long to start up the Death Knight since I only thought of them as a tanking class and have never done any tanking before. I suppose I was also still going through the Wrath content on the mage so I never really wanted to even make one at all. For whatever reason I got tired of playing the mage recently and made a DK for fun and was hooked before too long. The whole rune thing was a bit tough to figure out at first but I think I’ve got the hang of it now.

I’m currently specced Blood for leveling and I can say hands down that it is the best leveling experience I’ve ever had with any class. I do remember that the Horde shadow priest I leveled had some great health/mana regen once I got up into the 50s, but of course being a clothie I would still die if I got too crazy with pulls. I’m currently questing around Hellfire Peninsula and in most cases I can pull 5 mobs and not even take a dip in health. It’s insane. I’m planning on doing a lot of PVP on it later and join the rest of the mage killers that I’ve been seeing so much of these past couple months.

Being on the recieving end of a death grip and 0.5 second kill as a mage in BGs, I thought that the Death Knight class was way too overpowered. After playing it for awhile I’m started to really wonder about it. It’s surprising since I haven’t really heard too many people bring this up in game or online.


For the faction my character is associated with!