Despite playing as a fire mage and usually only lasting about 45 seconds at a time in most PVP battlegrounds, I still really enjoy it. If I only have a few minutes to play but still want to blow some stuff up then PVP is the way to go. Considering this, I think I’m more excited about being able to queue up from anywhere for BGs than dual speccing. Especially as a strictly DPS class, the other talent trees aren’t as enticing as classes that could potentially DPS/Tank/Heal simply by changing spec.

I realized that I had about 30 marks for both Alterac Valley and also Arathi Basin so I decided to throw down on some Warsong Gultch to get one of the PVP mounts, the Black Battlestrider. The reason why I was severely lacking in my Warsong Gultch marks is that I can’t stand the place. I’ve heard many other people complain for the same reasons I have, mainly that there is no time limit. There is very little incentive to play this particular BG. The honor isn’t really there and with no time limit you could end up playing for an hour sometimes, lose, and only have 1 mark to show for it.

I’m not really the kind of player that chases after honor but it would be nice to get a decent reward out of Warsong Gultch for the time spent playing. I’ve also got a pretty decent set of gear from reputation rewards so I’m not really chasing after any of the PVP gear either. But, somewhere along the line I started to like having a variety of mounts and have about 30 or so now, so the remaining PVP mounts are really my only reason for playing. Being the big Halo player that I was in the past, it’s not the Capture The Flag style of play that bothers me but mainly the lack of a time limit. Honestly, from my recent games, the most exciting thing that could happen is if I get into a group where the opposing faction has 2/3 flag caps to our 0/0 just so it would end sooner.

What are your thoughts on Warsong Gulch?


For the faction my character is associated with!