I played my main character up to about level 60 or so without really ever joining a guild. There wasn’t really a conscious decision to not join one, it’s just that I didn’t really know why people joined them or what to expect if I did. I joined a small guild for a little while after questing with some really nice people around Redridge Mountains, but there were only about 10 people in it, most of whom were never on all that much. Great people, but I left.

Several months later I was questing around Hellfire Peninsula and saw an ad in general chat for a guild that was looking for new people. I whispered the player, got an invite, and stayed in that guild up until a few weeks ago when I logged in to find an in-game mail with some gems in it and a notice that the guild was disbanded. I was really surprised to find myself pretty sad about it. I wasn’t very close to anyone in the guild but I always had a really good time when I was able to make it to raids and tried to put out positive energy for everyone. I’m ready to find another solid group of people to play with but no luck as of yet.

Although disappointed, I wasn’t surprised about the guild disbanding. Over the past few months the creator of the guild stopped playing. Things still held together pretty well and stayed mostly the same but little by little people were dropping off. It’s a shame because I think that after Wrath came out I really came into my own in terms of knowledge of the mage class and overall game mechanics. I ran countless heroics every time I played but rarely got a chance to do guild heroic runs. I’m sure to a lot of players guilds may come and go pretty frequently from what I know but I was in this one for quite sometime.

I was and still remain a casual/sometimes serious player. I log a lot of hours in the game every week, but I can’t commit to making raid times because of my schedule and quite frankly I’d rather be out drinking with friends or sleeping. Even in cases where I plan on playing WoW all day, I still don’t like to be tied to a schedule.


For the faction my character is associated with!