If I remember correctly it was around winter of 2007. Living in America and consuming a large amount of media from TV to podcasts, I of course had heard of World Of Warcraft. Mostly bad things. It drains your social life. Infrequent bathing. The usual stuff. Then I saw the ad campaign with Shatner and Mr. T and that started to peak my interest. Finally I saw the now infamous South Park episode and after that 30 minutes I thought “This game looks pretty cool actually.”

I have always loved video games since I was a child. Sometimes a little too much but it never really interfered with any part of my life at all. I remember long Saturday afternoons when I was a kid playing Metroid for the NES among other games. I’d wake up early, play for till afternoon, and then go skateboarding with friends. This trend continued until 2007. Back then it was the Halo series all the way for me, which I still love but haven’t played in almost a year now.

Around the winter of 2007 I caught a vicious cold and had to stay in bed for a few days and had to call out of work. I thought, well…I’ve got nothing to do so I’ll see what WoW is all about. I downloaded the 10-day trial (which may have been 15-days at the time) and was hooked after a few hours. One of the things I remember being difficult for me was the learning curve. Up until this point I was very much an FPS kind of guy and had never played an RPG at all. Concepts like looting and talent points were completely lost on me for quite sometime. Instances and aggro are a whole different subject, but trust that they were equally as confusing. But I knew that I liked this game very much and stuck with it. Within a few weeks I had to go out and buy the real game.

I made my first character, which is still my main, almost as a joke. When I started playing that day I certainly didn’t expect to play it any longer than a few hours. I made a human mage on a PVE server named Chipdipson who is named after a fake name created by the fantastic podcast Jordan Jessee Go. I’ll go into how I feel about the current state of mages in a later post. I later rolled a Blood Elf-Priest in the winter of 2008, leveled him to 54, but stopped playing him because the PVP server was just not fun to me. I now only have so much time to play and prefer not to spend it getting ganked and running around as a ghost all day. I just started two alts, also named after fake characters from two other podcasts, that I really enjoy playing. A Draenai Priest and I’m having a blast tearing through mobs with a Gnome Death Knight.

So here I am a couple years later writing a blog about the game that I never thought I would keep playing. Somehow I feel that this game is much better and consuming than any other that I’ve played. Even at the height of my Halo playing I would never think to write about it. What I want to do here is just write. I feel like something significant happens almost every time I play WoW that it is worth writing about, if only to look back on it someday.

Welcome to Thoughts Of Warcraft.


For the faction my character is associated with!